Section 1.All members in good standing will be furnished with membership badges, one for each person in the immediate family, 5 years of age and over, plus two additional badges.  These badges must be prominently displayed.

Section 2.Any member not in good standing will not be permitted to use the Club privileges as a guest of another member.

Section 3.A charge of $1.00 per badge will be assessed for lost badges.

Section 4.No children under twelve (12) years of age shall be allowed on the beach without a guardian eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Section 5.No gas–powered motorboats for pleasure purposes shall be allowed on the lake and only gas-powered motorboats for such other purposes may be permitted by action of the Board of Trustees.  Electric trolling motors with sealed marine batteries may be permitted for pleasure purposes by members eighteen (18) years of age or older.  Motorboats determined to be operated in an unsafe or reckless manner could result in revocation of such privilege by action of the Board of Trustees.  Boat tags will be furnished by the Club and must be displayed. 

Section 6.Fishing will not be permitted from the beach area at any time.

Section 7.No parking of club member cars on private roads from October 15th to May.

Section 8.No pets allowed on beach or ball field.

Section 9.All members are responsible for the actions of their guests on Association property.

An Excerpt From Our By-Laws: